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The Worship Lifestyle school provide courses that teaches principles of worship. The overarching aim is to equip every believer that they cultivate this lifestyle. The topics in all courses enable the student to look at how worship is related to changing circumstances.The courses are designed to impart the dynamic principles of praise and worship to effect lifestyle change in the heart of the individual thus impacting the home, the church and their community.
God inhabits praise and is enthroned in worship. Worship is interwoven with every aspect of living in the Bible and on this course we learn why this is so. Likewise we come to understand that the Father desires that we experience His presence and power in our lives daily. The School of Worship helps to develop this as lifestyle expectancy.
The school is open to anyone seeking intimacy with God through a lifestyle of worship.
Students consistently testify that the course “changed my life”! They've experienced greater freedom to worship God as they develop deeper intimacy thus having an impact on the local church's worship service. The Body experiences a greater sense of unity as the students learn how to worship corporately to establish God’s kingdom.
If we are going to be true worshippers, then we must be discipled by a true Worshipper - Jesus. On this course we study key characteristics of Jesus that depicts a true worshipper. We look at His life of obedience to the Father and His ultimate purpose to serve.
This is 13-lesson course that are in Two levels. Both levels teach biblical principles of worship. The lessons are designed to challenge believer ’s previous understanding about worship, facilitate a change, while culti vati ng a lifestyle of worship. The aim of the courses is that​ believers will be transformed and so impact their homes, the church and their community.
The Father is seeking true worshippers and not worship. This means that He is seeking the person whose daily life is one of obedience and whose life is a living sacrifi ce off ered up to Him both in adorati on and service. The School of Worship helps to develop this as a lifestyle expectancy.